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About Didim

Historian of ancient time Herodotus’s description, “The beautiful earth under the sky created by God”, the magnificent natural riches, the sparkling sea, the blue flagged coves, the historical, cultural heritage reaching the days before centuries, the town of Didim, the first settlement traces date back to 8000 BC. By the 16th century BC it was established as a “center of prophecy” by Didim Ionian’s, who hosted many colonies and states.
It is known that Apollo Temple was a holy place in Didim and it is an older settlement of Ionian. Accepted as the most impressive monumental structure of the western Anatolian coastal waters, the temple continues to be welcomed with a unique plan, magnificent as well as splendidly preserved welcomes many tourists on their visit.
It is delightful to visit Medusa with its serpentine hair at the temple of Apollo, which believed it protects the Temple.

The old town Didyma is not limited to what should be seen only with Apollo temple and historical sites.

The steady wind from land to sea has made Didim one of the rare regions with very low humidity.

Therefore, health tourism has become important in terms of tourism.
It has been observed that some people with rheumatism, asthma and tension leave their medicines and continue their lives more healthily.

Didim has become a preferred tourism center of domestic and foreign tourism in recent years in terms of history, culture, health and sports tourism.
Besides the location and geography of Didim, it is home to all the features of friendly climate with its golden beaches and idyllic coasts; World famous Altınkum beaches and countless blue-flagged coves have proved their success in holiday tourism and all the guests who prefer Didim are satisfied from this place during their holiday.

Hotel First Class in Didim, which continues to increase its acceleration in holiday tourism day by day, has taken an important place in all kinds of accommodation services.

As Didim, Didim revealed the difference with history, sea, sandy beaches, all kinds of seafood, kitchens where the great Aegean flavor meets; Continues to reveal its diversity in tourism with its success in olive and olive oil sector.

Guests coming to Didim have the opportunity to visit the historical sites nearby, ancient cities like Ephesus, Miletus and Priene as well as other tourism centers like Kuşadası and Bodrum with daily tours due to their close proximity.

Bodrum Airport 90 km., Izmir Airport 120 km., Dalaman Airport 150 km. At a distance; There are ferry services between Didim and Bodrum during the summer season.

You are very close to sailing into the unique blue of the Aegean, its incredible beauty and its history, in Didim, where “the world has the most beautiful sky and the best climate” in the words of Herodotus…